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ID# : 100339


female young

Florabelle was brought to the shelter as a stray. the story goes that someone purchased several rabbits from a poultry house and set them free and she was one of those in the group. 

At first look one would say she’s a New Zealand. but we are only concerned with finding her the best home. 
Florabelle is the sweetest, most attentive, and gentle rabbit you will ever meet. She prances and binkies in the most delicate happy way. She is on the young side, probably under a year and her appetite is very good. 

She is enthusiastic about food and is happy to gobble it up. She also enjoys chew toys. 

She has the most intelligent sensitive eyes. Being young and active she will need to run those long legs of hers and will require a good amount of space in both her housing and out time. 
She is a precious jewel for the right home that deserves her. Since she was recently spayed her new home may need a littl

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